Monday, 28 October 2013

Welcome to the 'Grow to Woe' Blog

Welcome to the 'Grow to Woe' Blog

This blog is for all businesses involved to the growing, production, processing, distribution and resale of food and beverage products. We aim to post articles on ways in which the industry is moving forward from a technological perspective.

We also intend to publish interesting articles on the history of Food and Beverage products, where they have come from and what’s next!

About the Author:

Milton Went has been involved in the Food industry in various roles from Growing Corn for Silage in the dairy industry, Caretaking Piggery’s, Cropping and Growing Beef. His Grandfather also owned a Trading business Called “Tropical Fruits Limited” in the “Steel Street Market’s” in Newcastle for many years.
Milton’s’ years of first-hand experience combined with a solid background in Business Systems makes him an excellent resource for the food industry

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